Event registration will be open in January 2020. The team captains will need to register their players with Individual and National Spots, however, the National Spots may remain unnamed until August 1, 2020. All spots need to be paid in full by March 3, 2020. The host will publish money return policy before the start of the registration process. All players need to sign Participants Event Contract with EDGF (team captains need to provide them to EDGF by July 17, 2020, resp. August 2, 2020 for previously unnamed spots), and also all players need to sign the Participants Event Contract with their respective national disc golf governing body (if applicable). 

The deadline for a registration of players for the doubles competition is during the EDGC/EMDGC on August 22, 2020 (20:00 local time).

Player fees structure

Registration fee – 25€ per player

MJ18 & FJ18 players fee – 50€ per player

Masters divisions players fee – 100€ per player

MPO & FPO players fee – 150€ per player

Non official accommodation fee – 15€ per player per week

Czech Disc Golf Scene

In late 2010 we discovered disc golf. And we fell in love. We made it our goal to make it the next Czech national sport. We kept in our minds ever since, building over 60 disc golf courses, organizing dozens of tournaments and teaching thousands of disc golfers. European Disc Golf Championship was the obvious next step and we are very glad we got the chance.

Event organizer

Main Partner